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Swindle: Justice Gorsuch defines conservatism

For the second time in less than a week, conservative Supreme Court of the United States (SCOTUS) Justice Neil Gorsuch joined his four liberal colleagues ... Read more

Our View: Some stories bring smiles

In our communities, it’s clear that local law enforcement makes it a goal to get to know the people that it serves. Read more

Our View: Best of luck getting back in business

Starting a business at any time is tough. It requires several hours away from family, a strong work ethic and a desire to be successful. Read more

“Ever recorded” is a very important qualifier

Citing the Copernicus Climate Change Service, your July 12, 2019 editorial claims this past June “was the hottest June ever recorded in the history of ... Read more

Tures: Why the US Women’s National Team deserves equal pay

I can still remember that moment, as a little kid in El Paso, Texas. We took the field against our opponents, the Red Raiders, a team ... Read more

Filush-Glaze: The light we lost

Have you ever felt like you were walking through life in the dark or have been surrounded by shadows? Read more

Brooks: When people walk aways from church

Apostasy isn’t a word my denomination uses much, probably because we don’t believe in it. Many evangelicals hold to the fifth tenet of John Calvin’s ... Read more

Gendusa: A new America Sunday morning

Sunday morning began as usual with coffee brewing at 7 am, the paper waiting to be read, and the morning news streaming from the small ... Read more

Several changes in area schools

Change can be exciting and terrifying at the same time, especially when the incoming change is unknown. Read more

Brady: How do you spell success?

In a back issue of “Guidepost” magazine, a retired business executive was once asked the secret of his success. He replied that it could be ... Read more

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