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Celebrating the Panthers

In Friday’s edition of the Valley Times-News, local readers will get a special treat. In that edition, we’ll publish our special section recognizing the incredible ... Read more

The Holocaust museum, march for life, and what will you do

On a recent field trip, I got to experience the Holocaust Museum, encountered some pro-life marchers, and struggled with putting the message of the museum ... Read more

Make every day meaningful

For anyone who grew up a sports fan, it’s been a difficult week, and frankly it’s hard to put into words why. On Sunday, NBA legend ... Read more

Looking back at Jim Hurts’ life in journalism

When you take respite at a comfortable venue where the host is hospitable and qualifies as a fluent raconteur, there is a lift that makes ... Read more

Pastor of Siluria Baptist Church in Alabaster

I traveled to another county to visit a church member and passed a church building near the highway. Their outdoor sign read: “Jeremiah 29:11.” Only the ... Read more

TCSS scholarship builds homegrown talent

During a Troup County School System Board of Education meeting filled with anticipation about senior property taxes, two young women were presented to the board ... Read more

Importance of the Census

Having an accurate total of a city’s population is important for many reasons. It determines the needs of a community, like how much money is ... Read more

Examining anxiety

From an early age, everyone envisions having the “perfect” life. We strive to reach goals and work tirelessly to pursue our dreams, only stopping when ... Read more

How baseball writers contributed to steroid and sign-stealing scandals

This week, you’ll find plenty of stories of baseball writers pointing their fingers, condemning the managers, general managers, and players with the Houston Astros and ... Read more

Keep shinning a light on human trafficking

In 2011, President Barack Obama declared Jan. 11 as National Slavery and Human Trafficking Prevention Month. The trafficking and victim’s protection act of 2000 (TVPA), ... Read more

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