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Our hearts are more than prepared

During this pandemic, we have seen the Chambers County community band together in more ways than one to help each other  out. From organizations like ... Read more

Be thankful for what you have

Hope Taylor is a man with a story to tell. The LaGrange native arrived back in the United States this week, after roughly a week ... Read more

Our health is worth being bored for a few weeks

We understand that everyone — especially children — are probably getting to the point of being bored out of their minds. Many of us are still ... Read more

Thoughts on a crisis

One of my favorite psalms is Psalm 46. The person who wrote it is not naive. He knows that there is nothing easy about life, ... Read more

Small business help available

As the positive number of COVID-19 cases continue to mount, frustrations of those having to report to work build. Our local, state and federal leaders ... Read more

OUR VIEW: There is a time and place for everything

A few weeks ago, Valley Mayor Leonard Riley called out the Chambers County School District, citing too many fights, unbalanced funding for Valley-based schools and other ... Read more

The emotional mess of unexpected stress

Around every corner there is the look of fear and anxiety. People are just now coming to terms with the fact that life as they ... Read more

Meal pick up is applauded

With school being out because of COVID-19, both Chambers County School System and the Lanett City School System have continued their breakfast and lunch programs, ... Read more

A new day, a new way to say hello

We can’t shake hands anymore. The elbow bump is downright dangerous. Some elbows are sharp as a shard; given the occasion, they could carve the ... Read more

Embrace precaution, not panic, for coronavirus safety

I wanted to update you on the latest COVID-19 coronavirus developments. While the situation remains serious, the risk to most Americans remains low. It is important ... Read more

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