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Science the mess out of it

In the movie “The Martian”, Matt Damon plays an astronaut who was mistakenly left behind on Mars after a freak weather storm forced the rest ... Read more

OUR VIEW: Get out and vote on the school tax

On Monday, the Chambers County Commission approved the call for a special election to renew the school tax that was sent forward by both Lanett ... Read more

I wanna watch the world burn?

Mean Girls is a movie that was written by Tina Fey, an improvisational comedy actress turned writer.  Fey had become a hot commodity in television, ... Read more

What it means to graduate high school

My nephew graduated from high school last week. I was there, and I have to admit it had a bigger impact on me than I ... Read more

Words can be carnivals themselves

We’ve spent the last couple of weeks strolling around outside events of one sort or the other. Maybe we devote a little time to looking ... Read more

Let’s take a stroll through the Lanett fair

Last week we went to the Cotton Pickin’ Fair in Gay, Georgia. This week, let’s walk over to the carnival in Lanett and see what’s ... Read more

OUR VIEW: Celebrate officers in the community

May 9 through May 15 is National Police Week, a seven-day stretch meant to recognize law enforcement officers for the work they do in our ... Read more

Taking in the Cotton Pickin’ Fair

So, I spent Sunday afternoon at the Cotton Pickin’ Fair. Let’s talk about that. Getting there is half the fun.  There are shorter ways to ... Read more

Sound battle while at a local car wash

After the big hail storm, I  decided to try out the new car wash down in Valley.  This one is different:  in this one you ... Read more

Mrs. Cathy Moncus McCard

Mrs. Cathy Moncus McCard, age 68, of Valley, passed away peacefully on Tuesday, April 20, 2021, at EAMC-Lanier Nursing Home in Valley. She was born ... Read more

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