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Our View: West Point hauls in another victory

For West Point, 2021 is keeping pace and trending to be a more productive year on the economic development front than 2020, when a lot ... Read more

Baseball and politics should not mix

I have a more-than-passing interest in politics. I can’t remember when I didn’t know who held just about all of the important elected and appointed ... Read more

Ferguson responds to Delta CEO Ed Bastain’s memo on Georgia’s election law

As CEO of Delta Air Lines, one of Georgia’s largest employers, you took to the airwaves to denounce the state’s election reform law and in ... Read more

OUR VIEW: Once again, our community shines

On Friday, the Chambers County Sheriff’s Office received devastating news —  one of their brothers passed away suddenly. Capt. Jason Fuller had died at the ... Read more

Litter is a problem all of us have to face

More than 1,200 volunteers statewide spent part of their Saturday mornings picking up trash along the Chattahoochee River, including right here in Troup County. It ... Read more

Why I decided to get the vaccine

When Gov. Brian Kemp made the announcement last week that all adults 16 and over were eligible to receive the COVID-19 vaccine, I immediately started ... Read more

Slow down and see the America that used to be is the America that still is

I came across an old photograph of my parents and older brother. They had taken what used to be called a motor trip, and the ... Read more

Let’s talk trash

I held off on writing about this topic for a while out of concern that this had become nothing more than yet another personal pet ... Read more

Don’t miss your blessing of common grace

Sunday afternoons lend themselves to spells of laziness, and last Sunday was no exception. I’d spent the morning with visiting family. When they left, I ... Read more

Let’s be careful out there

I know I sound like I’m jockeying for the Captain Obvious 2021 award, but things are kind of odd these days.  We’ve been playing tag ... Read more

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