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OUR VIEW: Exciting to see Valley City Park come together

There are very few things that can bring a community together like a public park, so we were excited to hear that Valley City Park ... Read more

TURES COLUMN: No reason to hate the NFL playing ‘The Black National Anthem’

There’s a real excitement about the NFL, as fans showed up and tuned in to games, with any talk of a boycott a distant memory. ... Read more

OUR VIEW: Check your child’s car seat

Next week is Child Passenger Safety Week, a good reminder of the importance of properly-functioning, safe car seats for our youth. According to the United ... Read more

SWINDLE COLUMN: How to prepare for court

Over the years, I have learned that some of the “little things” can make a bigger impact on a case than you might expect. One ... Read more

SMITH COLUMN: Great start to the season for UGA

Last Saturday, I took a walk from my campus address to Sanford Stadium which got me in the mood for a game which brought about ... Read more

Local law enforcement honored with Valor Awards

The LaGrange-Troup County Chamber of Commerce presented its 2021 Valor Awards to several public service individuals Thursday evening at Great Wolf Lodge. Read more

OUR VIEW: FDA approval should mean more vaccinations

Earlier this week, the Pfizer vaccine was given full FDA approval.  And you might soon start hearing it by its brand name, Comirnaty. Read more

Remembering a time when negative was positive

I had a COVID-19 test the other day even though I have been fully-vaccinated and wear my mask regularly in public. I am sure to ... Read more

BROOKS COLUMN: On public confession of sin

Years ago, revivals had “quitting meetings” when people vowed to quit smoking, drinking, playing cards or the like. Pastor Alex shocked his congregation when he ... Read more

OUR VIEW: Get out and vote in special election

If you have not heard already, at the end of the month there will be a special election to vote on the continuation of the ... Read more

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