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Our View: Shumate prioritizing school visits

It’s easy for anyone in a new role — especially an administrative one — to spend their first few months on the job in a ... Read more

Smith: Being told ain’t isn’t a word ain’t right

We have been told, more often than not, that “ain’t” ain’t a word, but that ain’t necessarily so. Read more

Our View: World Series champs deserve parade

It’s not very often one of your local sports teams wins a title like Dixie Youth World Series champion. Read more

Tures: Did the assault weapons ban reduce mass shootings?

Former Vice-President Joe Biden penned a New York Times column calling for the assault weapons ban to be reinstated. Read more

Brady: Making beauty

Sometime back on a flight to Houston, Texas, I sat by an employee of a large amusement park in Georgia. Read more

Our View: Be careful in the heat

The last couple of days in Alabama, the temperature outside has reached the 90s and heat indexes having gotten close to triple digits. Read more

Our View: Chamber of commerce is important to community

Last month, the LaGrange-Troup County Chamber of Commerce named Kathy Tilley its interim director as it embarks on a search for a new, full-time director. Read more

Swindle: Four ways to prepare for court

Much of this column is just common sense. But, I have seen too many disasters over the years not to address the four most important ... Read more

Gendusa: Life beyond the grief and sorrow

He left the lumber mill he owned accompanied by his beloved dog, Snowball. Read more

Our View: Timing is important for special elections

Last week, the West Point City Council discussed changing the way it handles mid-election vacancies for an open mayoral seat or city council seat. Read more

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