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Death by anti-vaxxer propaganda

This past semester, we had a first-year student class where we focused on the book Educated by Tara Westover.  Since her family members believe in ... Read more

Ringing in the new year

Anyone who played high school sports knows that those memories will last you a lifetime. Athletics — especially in moments of victory — resonate with ... Read more

Welcome to the year 2020

It was so long ago that the principal at the elementary school greeted us at a school program and said, “This is the class of ... Read more

The adversary

You can throw your hands up. You can beat the clock. You can move a mountain. You can break rocks. You can be a master. ... Read more

How to make and keep your resolutions

The calendar is about to officially turn to 2020. After days of reflection and preparation, today marks the last day of 2019.   Read more

OUR VIEW: Safety tips for New Year’s celebrations

We’ll ring in the start of a new year, and a new decade, next Wednesday, but it’s likely many people will start their celebrations as ... Read more

Mr. William P. (Bud) Lindsey, Sr. — 1928-2019

William Pearson (Bud) Lindsey, a lifetime resident of Lanett passed away on Sunday, Dec. 22, 2019, at his residence in Nathalie, Virginia. Bud was preceded ... Read more

Don’t let a grinch ruin your Christmas

By now, it’s likely all of the presents have been opened, and many of us are even back at work as we try to cap ... Read more

Impeachments create political show trials

In America’s 243-year history, only three presidents have been impeached by the U.S. House of Representatives (House). Presidents Andrew Johnson and William Jefferson Clinton were ... Read more

You are the light of a new decade

By the time you read this, Christmas will be over, and a decade will be ending. I am usually left with a bit of melancholy ... Read more

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